Links to Papers Relating to Propeller Cut Analysis on Marine Mammals


Right Whale - Necropsy GA 2006 025 Propeller Cut Evaluation                    GA_2006025Evaluation

Right Whale - Necropsy DVS 2006-04745 Propeller Cut Evaluation             DVS_2006_04745 Evaluation

Right Whale - Necropsy EgNEFL0602 Propeller Cut Evaluation                   EgNEFL0602 Evaluation

Manatee - Repeatability of Analysis on Known Propeller Strikes                    PropCutAnalysisRepeat

Right Whale - Necropsy RKB-1424 Propeller Cut Evaluation                        RKB-1424 Evaluation

Right Whale - Living Animal #2425 Propeller Cut Evaluation                          RW-2425 Evaluation

Right Whale - NEIT Presentation April 5, 2005                                              NEIT 050405 Presentation   

Manatee - A Simple Method of Propeller Mark Analysis                                Simple Propeller Mark Analysis